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Learn-To-Read Volumes 1 - 5
K - 1stGrade
The Learn To Read Volumes are a classic series. Preschoolers can read Bees, the first reader, within 15 minutes whether they know the alphabet or not. Your child will be reading through 1st grade material by book twenty using Dr. Wise’s novel phonetic method.
Arithmetic Books 1 - 5
K - 1stGrade
Most five year olds can easily add, subtract, multiply, and divide by using the Dr. Wise’s unique arithmetic method and enjoy doing so.
2 Storybooks & 2 Grammar Books
for 2nd Graders
The storybooks are fun and educational. Included is a workbook for review to recall what was read to help the child develop comprehension. Beginning Grammar focuses on two peers discussing the mechanics of the simple sentence.
2 Parent Books
Who’s Boss? Who’s Boss? is an updated version of Dr. Wise’s proven theories in training children in self-management and the 5 authority relationships. Love & Marriage guides daters/couples through the pitfalls in love relationships and how to succeed in marriage.